Emproof Nyx – IP Protection and Exploit Mitigation

Discover how you can protect your software from attack

Defend your valuable IP

IP Protection is vital for shielding algorithms, code, and data from the extensive range of reverse engineering tools available to attackers. Discover how Emproof Nyx defends your binary code and exposes attackers’ methods.

Combat overlooked security flaws

Memory corruption issues, including buffer overflows, remain among the most overlooked security flaws. See how Emproof Nyx can enhance security against exploitable bugs with just one simple click.

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Time-saving Integration

Witness Emproof Nyx’s easy integration, working within minutes, saving valuable development time.

Reserve engineering insights

Gain insights on the reverse engineering tools available and how Emproof Nyx counteracts these threats effectively.

Proactive IP defence

Discover how Emproof Nyx ensures robust protection against evolving threats to IP safeguarding valuable assets.

Why is embedded software security important?

This video highlights why embedded software security is essential to a company’s overall cybersecurity strategy. While cloud, network and data security are well-established, it’s crucial to recognise that embedded software security is critical to protect the foundation – safeguarding the physical components as well as the software and firmware. If companies fail to protect the foundation it will be vulnerable, putting everything at risk.

Your software is protected with Emproof Nyx

Virtually every embedded device that runs software will benefit from the advanced security protections offered by Emproof Nyx – including protection against reverse engineering and exploitation attacks. This is especially the case in applications that handle sensitive data, are interconnected, or run critical and functional safety.

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