Embedded software security: 2024 and beyond

Embedded software has become the backbone of countless devices, systems, and applications that we use throughout our daily lives. In 2024 and beyond, the significance of embedded software security looms larger than ever before. In our latest report, our Emproof experts explore some of the key developments in embedded software security.

In this report, our experts share their views on hardware advancements and scrutinise the latest technological advances to strengthen embedded systems against emerging threats. The report also explores software innovations, unveiling the cutting-edge strategies poised to reshape the way we approach software security in embedded environments.

With a focus on IoT connectivity, our experts dissect the evolving relationship between embedded devices and the Internet of Things, examining the implications for security architecture.

Additionally, we look at the escalating threat of cyber attacks, providing an understanding of the challenges that demand proactive countermeasures with an overarching look at the dynamics shaping the market, offering a holistic view of the future of embedded software security in 2024.

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