Emproof becomes Hague Security Delta (HSD) premium partner

Emproof has joined over 275 companies, governmental organisations and knowledge institutions that make up the Hague Security Delta (HSD), as a premium partner to collaborate on innovative security solutions.

What is the Hague Security Delta?

Security Delta (HSD) is the Dutch security cluster. Established in 2013 to make a difference in securing the digitising society the partners share their knowledge and collaborate on innovative security solutions, for The Netherlands and if scaled successfully internationally. By providing access to knowledge, innovation, market, finance, and talent, HSD’s goal is to help strengthen the Dutch economy, increase employment rates, and make The Netherlands more secure.

What do Emproof offer the Hague Security Delta?

Emproof offer unrivalled expertise in the embedded environment. Anything that is running firmware on the chip level can be protected by Emproof software. With over 30 years of combined experience of securing embedded systems, Emproof’s experts have been featured in more than 25 top-tier scientific publications shaping knowledge and state-of-the-art embedded security.

When looking at embedded environments, every megabyte of memory counts and overhead becomes a big issue. In many cases 100x overhead is hard to afford. Emproof Nyx-protected software is three orders of magnitude smaller than existing security solutions, giving unprecedented levels of protection in resource-limited environments.

“We can help companies protect the IP itself, and their trade secrets.”

“We are always working to improve our knowledge to keep up to date with industry changes. We can’t cut corners because we are pushing boundaries with every project”

Brian Kelly – CEO

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