Emproof becomes RISC-V International member

Emproof has joined more than 3,800 RISC-V members across 70 countries to contribute and collaborate in defining a new era of processor innovation through open standards and open source.

What is the RISC-V International?

RISC-V International is a non-profit organization supporting the open RISC instruction set architecture and extensions. They enable open community collaboration, technology advancements in the RISC-V ecosystem, and visibility of RISC-V successes. RISC-V combines a modular technical approach with an open, royalty-free ISA. This means that anyone can benefit from the IP contributed and produced by RISC-V.

Learn more about the history of RISC-V.

What do Emproof offer RISC-V International?

As a proud new member of the RISC-V community, Emproof brings a legacy of unparalleled security expertise tailored for the embedded environment. We can help product manufacturers utilising RISC-V ISAs to protect their software against IP theft and exploit mitigation.

The open-source nature doesn’t render RISC-V immune to advanced hacking attempts. Our robust exploit mitigation strategies are designed to prevent attackers, providing an added layer of assurance to product manufacturers. Our unique binary transformation approach allows us to adapt seamlessly to the dynamic RISC-V landscape, especially with the frequent introductions of new ISA extensions. This means consistent,  protection for RISC-V software as the ecosystem evolves.

In essence, Emproof’s collaboration with RISC-V International signifies a strengthened frontier of embedded security, ensuring that the innovative spirit of RISC-V is always coupled with unparalleled protection.

โ€œWe are delighted to be a part of RISC-V International joining other members in supporting the growth and evolution of the RISC-V ecosystem. Our experts have over 30 years of combined experience in securing embedded systems, so we are well placed to actively collaborate in technical working groups to help deliver enhanced RISC-V security and technology.โ€

Brian Kelly โ€“ CEO
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