Emproof nominated for prestigious award at Embedded World 2023

We are proud to be nominated for the software award at Embedded World for Emproof Nyx. The award recognises the most exciting software solutions on the market.

The award will be presented as part of the Embedded World Exhibition & Conference 14-16 March 2023 in Nürenberg, where over 750 exhibitors and 18,000 visitors will connect.

“Our goal is to build a sustainable company that provides ubiquitous, robust and cost-effective software security for all embedded systems.” Brian Kelly “The ubiquity of embedded systems not only makes security more important for individual items and products, but it also brings with it formal and defined requirements for security that will affect every sector. From automotive and healthcare  to IoT and the semiconductors that enable these sectors.”

Emproof Nyx software is three orders of magnitude smaller than existing embedded security solutions allowing for unprecedented levels of protection in resource-limited environments or devices.

With the imminent introduction of the  European Cyber Resilience Act and the recently announced National Cybersecurity strategy companies will be legally accountable and responsible for security-related breaches related to their software. With ransomware attacks hitting an organisation every 11 seconds around the globe and $200bn lost per year due to product piracy and cyber-attacks the need to protect software and devices at any stage of the lifecycle will be critical to complying quickly.

An off-the-shelf solution, Emproof Nyx, delivers high levels of security and IP integrity for embedded systems, using unique techniques that protect algorithms and data while securing the entire device.

You can visit us at Embedded World on Stand 3A-333 from 14-16 March.

Find out more: https://www.embedded-world.de/en/all-about-the-exhibition/preview

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