Emproof Nyx wins prestigious Embedded Award

Emproof Nyx fought off strong competition to take home the Embedded Award for software.

Nominated in the software category, Emproof Nyx prevents reverse engineering to secure valuable intellectual property and protects against exploit attacks through an easy-to-implement solution that is hardware and software agnostic.

The jury for the “Embedded Award 2023” had plenty to do when selecting the nominees for the award ceremony, as the event received a record number of submissions.

Marc Fyrbiak, Chief Product Officer, says “Emproof Nyx protected software is three orders of magnitude smaller than existing security solutions giving unprecedented levels of protection in resource-limited environments. This award recognises the 30 years of combined experience Emproof have in-house to secure your embedded systems. Our experts continue to shape the state-of-the-art in software cybersecurity for embedded systems.”

With the imminent introduction of the European Cyber Resilience Act and the recently announced National Cybersecurity strategy companies will be legally accountable and responsible for security-related breaches related to their software. With ransomware attacks hitting an organisation every 11 seconds around the globe and $200bn lost per year due to product piracy and cyber-attacks the need to protect software and devices at any stage of the lifecycle will be critical to complying quickly.

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