Meet us at the ELIV Congress 2023

We will be attending the world’s largest Congress for Automotive Electronics, Software and Applications, ELIV, in Bonn on 18-19 October. It is a unique opportunity to network with over 1,000 automotive sector decision-makers, experts, and industry leaders and showcase our ground-breaking embedded security solution: Emproof Nyx

With up to 100 electronic control units (ECUs) in vehicles today, the significance of embedded security cannot be overstated. This number is only going to grow as the automotive industry increasingly integrates advanced technologies like autonomous driving systems, connected vehicles, and smart infrastructure.

These technologies rely heavily on embedded systems, making them susceptible to cyber threats. Emproof’s solution, Emproof Nyx, equips semiconductor companies, tier 1 and 2 suppliers, and OEMs with the necessary protection. It increases the security of their software, ensuring they stay ahead of potential cyber risks and contributes effectively to the advancement of their secure automotive technologies.

ISO 26262 certified, Emproof Nyx, has been developed to the requirements of safety standards for the automotive industry using unique techniques that protect algorithms and data while securing the entire device:

  • Code protection – prevents reverse engineering and subsequent IP theft.
  • Security hardening – detects and secures against exploitation attacks.

The ELIV Congress will give the Emproof team a platform to discuss with experts and stakeholders the latest innovations and challenges facing the automotive sector. Addressing embedded security concerns is crucial to safeguarding vehicle data, ensuring passenger safety, and maintaining the integrity of critical automotive functions.

Speak to us at the event on stand 203 in hall Genf to find out more about our solution and hear some of our expert insights which are instrumental in fortifying embedded systems against evolving threats – fostering a safer and more secure automotive landscape.

Don’t miss our start-up pitch on Thursday 19th at 1pm, where we will be talking about automotive security and why protecting embedded software from malicious attacks and IP theft is important.

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