Securing Embedded Systems – Making it the Norm

Emproof recently spoke to Robert Huntley at EE Times Europe. The subsequent article ‘Securing Embedded Systems’ also features experts from Cybellum and Nordic Semiconductor.

The article explores how devices such as microcontrollers are often described as secure by vendors, and while hardware security is a foundation, a combination including software security is essential to provide a holistic solution. Devices can have the best hardware security, but if they lack software security, they could still get attacked anyway.

Commenting on microcontroller security, Marc Fyrbiak, Emproof co-founder and Chief Product Officer, says: “Just because you have something in the hardware doesn’t mean it gets used. That’s one of the challenges we see that sometimes, security is not used at all or not to its full extent even though it is available.”

Read the article here.

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