Extended Lifetime Support

Tackling critical security issues in outdated and unmaintained software components has become a major challenge.

Extended Lifetime Support with Emproof Nyx for Automotive Components

In today’s automotive industry, addressing high-critical security problems in outdated and non-maintained software components has become a significant challenge, particularly in high-computing electronic control units (ECUs) like infotainment systems. These complex systems, featuring embedded Linux with connectivity options such as wireless, Bluetooth, and LTE modems, take years to develop, and the software environment is often outdated by the time the product reaches production.

The challenges of long-term support

Car manufacturers, or OEMs, are responsible for supporting and maintaining car components for up to 15 years. However, they may face several obstacles in doing so, such as potentially lacking access to the source code or encountering difficulties maintaining the codebase, especially as subcontractors move on to new projects and staff changes occur over time.

Binary rewriting to extend lifetime support

Emproof Nyx employs cutting-edge binary rewriting technology to modify existing binaries, allowing for the resolution of critical security vulnerabilities directly within the binary, without the need for source code access. Prioritising functional safety, we have certified our product development process according to the ISO 26262 standard, achieving ASIL B compliance. This ensures our product has been developed using a certified and industry-recognised process, guaranteeing its reliability and effectiveness for automotive applications.

Our team of experienced professionals in reverse engineering and binary security offers comprehensive support for OEMs. As an optional service, we cannot only analyze the vulnerabilities, but also provide concrete suggestions, such as specific code locations and assembly code modifications, to technically address and resolve the identified issues. This tailored approach enables us to tackle a wide range of vulnerabilities while maintaining the focus on the unique requirements of each situation.

Companies turn to Emproof Nyx for help

Extended Lifetime Support offers a solution to these challenges, enabling OEMs to address security vulnerabilities and resolve security vulnerabilities in car components and firmware that are no longer supported. By providing a reliable and efficient means to maintain and secure high-computing ECUs, Extended Lifetime Support helps OEMs ensure the safety, functionality, and longevity of their advanced automotive systems, even in the face of outdated software and changing industry dynamics.

A sustainable security solution for the automotive industry

Emproof Nyx is a specialised software solution that provides effective protection against IP theft and reverse engineering in critical car systems such as ECU. With the internationally recognised functional safety certification, ISO26262, Emproof NYX has been independently reviewed to ensure the highest level of safety standards throughout the product development process. ISO 26262 for automotive functional safety was established as a global standard by the International Organization for Standardisation (ISO) in 2011 to minimise risks from electric or electronic system malfunction in vehicles.

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