We can help product manufacturers utilising RISC-V ISAs to protect their software against IP theft and exploit mitigation.  

Protect and Secure your RISC-V Software

As a proud new member of the RISC-V community, Emproof brings a legacy of unparalleled security expertise tailored for the embedded environment. We can help product manufacturers utilising RISC-V ISAs to protect their software against IP theft and exploit mitigation.  

Open-source doesn’t inherently safeguard against threats

Embedded devices, including those based on RISC-V, are susceptible to a range of threats, from intellectual property (IP) theft to exploitation. While RISC-V champions the open-source ethos, open-source itself doesn’t inherently safeguard against implementation bugs, emphasising the pressing need for robust exploit mitigation. Moreover, the manufacturers leveraging RISC-V devices have valuable software running on the device that might not be open-source at all and needs to be protected against reverse engineering and consequent IP theft – just because the ISA is open source, does not mean that all implementations are.

The dynamic RISC-V landscape presents device security challenges

Protecting RISC-V devices is challenging, due to the dynamic RISC-V landscape, especially with the frequent introductions or modification of ISA extensions. Emproof Nyx is designed to seamlessly navigate this dynamic landscape, able to accommodate custom ISA extensions easily. Furthermore, in this evolving ecosystem it is necessary to have continuous monitoring and adaptive security solutions that can cater to these changes. Implementing a robust defence against reverse engineering and ensuring exploit mitigation requires specialised expertise, however, this expertise is often not available in-house.

Easy to implement, Emproof Nyx is ideal for RISC-V ISAs

Emproof Nyx can help overcome these challenges by providing a robust and easy-to-use software solution that is specifically designed for embedded systems. Emproof Nyx uses a combination of code obfuscation, tamper detection, and exploitation prevention to protect against a wide range of attacks. It is lightweight and low-overhead, making it ideal for the RISC-V world. Additionally, it does not require access to the source code, which means vendors can protect their valuable IP without having to give it away.

Thanks to our binary transformation approach we can support various custom ISA extensions, making our protection as flexible as possible for the RISC-V world.

Emproof Nyx protects revenue stream and intellectual property

With Emproof Nyx, manufacturers can protect their paid features and revenue streams from unauthorised access, while also safeguarding their valuable intellectual property. Additionally, Emproof Nyx can help protect devices by preventing attackers from compromising the devices security. It’s more important than ever for manufacturers to take steps to protect themselves from potential threats – with Emproof Nyx, they can do just that.

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December 17, 2022
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