Our automated solution, Emproof Nyx, delivers high levels of security and IP integrity to all embedded systems.

Emproof Nyx

The ubiquity of embedded systems will not only make security more important for individual items and products, it will also bring with it formal and defined requirements for security that will affect every sector. From software and semiconductors to aviation and IoT.

Emproof Nyx will help all affected sectors to meet the requirements and guarantee high levels of embedded systems security. So, what’s the solution? The answer is not redesigning a system, but rather, adding protection from outside. Protection that takes up only a tiny fraction of programming or software space but that nevertheless makes attacks difficult or impossible. The solution is Emproof Nyx.

A transformative approach to embedded system security

Counterfeit components that have been reverse engineered not only affect a company’s bottom line but could also have a devastating impact on brand credibility and reputation in a world with billions of connected devices.

Emproof Nyx protected software is three orders of magnitude smaller than existing security solutions giving unprecedented levels of protection in resource-limited environments, including:

Exploit mitigation

Insertion of code guards to detect and prevent the exploitation of memory corruption vulnerabilities and control-flow hijacking attacks.

Code obfuscation

A technique to make the internal workings of a program difficult to understand, typically by replacing clear and concise code with something that is more complex and harder to interpret.


On start-up the deployed software image is checked against a known verified version enabling a customer-defined action (e.g., set device to safe-state, blow a fuse).

Platform security

If additional security measures such as unique identifier data or hardware security modules are available, these are incorporated to provide enhanced security.


Code Transformation techniques used to slow down and increase the randomised data making fuzzing ineffective when used to attack the device.

Key features

Virtually every embedded device that runs software will benefit from the advanced security protections offered by Emproof Nyx – including protection against reverse engineering and exploitation attacks. This is especially the case in applications that handle sensitive data, are interconnected, or run critical and functional safety.

High-level security

Strong obfuscation transforms code layout to conceal algorithms and data. 

Multi-layered security architecture secures the entire device. 

Static and dynamic anti-tamper solutions to prevent reverse engineering. 


Your embedded device can be protected at any stage of development or in its life cycle.

Protects devices as international cyber policies are updated.

Easily integrated

Easily incorporated into existing software flow. 

Compatible with all toolchains. 

Only requires access to binary files. 


Developed for devices with limited memory and minimum speed. 

Optimizes protection for size or speed.

Protect the entire software or only critical modules.

Emproof Nyx is easy to integrate into your product

Source Code

Unprotected Binary

Emproof Nyx

Protected Binary

Protected Device

Our binary transformation technology guarantees that the original software semantics are preserved, even with our added security functionality. The user can choose which sections of code need to be protected, how strongly and also which sections cannot be translated due to real-time constraints. We use formal proofs such as translation validation to ensure the correctness of our translations. In addition, we adhere to ISO 26262 functional safety standards.

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