Agile, robust and cost-effective security and IP integrity for all embedded systems

State-of-the-art security

Emproof delivers high levels of security and IP integrity for embedded systems, using unique techniques that protect algorithms and data while securing the entire device. Our solution, Emproof Nyx, prevents reverse engineering, securing your valuable intellectual property and protecting against exploitation attacks. 

Hardware and software agnostic, Emproof Nyx, can be implemented at any stage of the product lifecycle, saving time, money and resources.

Key benefits

Embedded system experts

We exclusively focus on the design and evolution of security architectures and solutions for embedded systems.

Delivers minimal overhead

Our solution uses only 10% overhead where standard overhead is often 1,000% or more.

No source code exposure

We only require access to binary files, which means your source code remains intact and untouched.

Emproof technology protects

Industrial IoT

Industrial machines often have embedded automation systems that perform specific monitoring and control functions.
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At the cutting edge of the embedded systems business are semiconductors. Security is key to ensuring they are protected from IP theft.
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Entertainment systems, cruise control, navigation, suspension control and airbag systems in automotives all use embedded systems.
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Navigation and flight control systems, management and efficiency of a plane benefit from embedded systems.
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Smart medical devices use embedded technology to speed up diagnosis and treatment, make home-based equipment user friendly and free up medical staff.
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Securing your embedded devices is not an optional investment in the evolving digital age. The ubiquity of embedded systems is growing exponentially. However, threat levels continue to develop at a rapid rate and the demand for a holistic response to safety and security is more important than ever.

Latest insight

This article is a repost. It was originally published at Tim Blazytko’s personal blog: During my presentation “Unveiling Secrets in Binaries using Code Detection Strategies” at REcon […]
August 11, 2023
Although memory corruption vulnerabilities have been extensively studied, effective mitigation strategies are still not universally available, particularly in deeply embedded systems with constrained hardware resources, […]
July 17, 2023
Embedded system security is essential and, at the same time, complex and challenging to implement. We deliver high levels of security and IP integrity for embedded systems.
December 17, 2022


We are proud to have won the Embedded Award for Software at Embedded World Exhibition and Conference 2023.

 “Our goal is to build a sustainable company that provides ubiquitous, robust and cost-effective software security for all embedded systems.”

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