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Our vision is to enable ubiquitous security for embedded systems.

The Emproof story

The Emproof story began in Germany’s Ruhr-Universität Bochum, a top international university and research institute with a global reputation for its work in developing innovative measures against cyberattacks.

Founders of Emproof, Marc Fyrbiak, Phillip Koppe and Tim Blazytko met here while researching IT security. Marc worked on the hardware security side, while Philipp and Tim focused on research in software security. 

During various research projects interrogating system vulnerabilities, they noted the weaknesses associated with embedded system security. They also recognised the serious implications of such vulnerabilities in an increasingly connected world.

The answer, they realised, is not redesigning a system but adding protection from outside. Protection that takes up only a tiny fraction of programming or software space but that nevertheless makes attacks difficult or impossible. It’s a unique approach and, we think, the only effective one for the fragmentation inherent in embedded systems.

The team

Brian Kelly

Chief Executive Officer

David Rose

Chief Commercial Officer

Marc Fyrbiak

Chief Product Officer (Co-Founder)

Philipp Koppe

Chief Technology Officer (Co-Founder)

Tim Blazytko

Chief Scientist (Co-Founder)

Andreas Thull

Director of Business Development

Nils Albartus

Technical Marketing

Marjolein van Kemenade

Business Support Manager


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