Smart City Expo World Congress 2022

We enjoyed attending the Smart City Expo World Congress 2022 in Barcelona last week, meeting leaders from innovative companies, governments and organisations to move cities towards a smarter and cyber secure future.

As cities become smarter, the ubiquity of embedded systems grows to facilitate the need for increased connectivity. However, the threat levels continue to develop at a rapid rate and demand for a holistic responsive to safety and security is more important than ever.

Not only are embedded devices integral to smart city functionality, but they are also at risk. IP thieves and malicious attackers are targeting embedded systems. Why? Because there’s an opportunity. Embedded systems don’t follow one set of rules. They work with different hardware, toolchains and operating systems.

There is a need to establish sufficiently flexible and resilient systems so that they can rapidly adapt to hazards and new dangers. Our solution provides agile, robust and cost-effective security and IP integrity for all embedded systems.

Find out more about how our solution, Emproof Nyx, can benefit smart cities.

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