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Manufacturers are looking for new ways to monetise their products through paid features, however there are growing concerns over a market for illegally activating these services.

Protecting paid features in cars: the challenges and how Emproof Nyx can help

As cars become more advanced and connected, manufacturers are looking for new ways to monetise their products beyond just the initial purchase price. One way they’re doing this is by offering additional features that can be activated via software, such as map updates for navigation systems or paid subscriptions for hard products like seat warmers. However, with these new revenue streams come new risks, such as financial losses if customers are able to bypass the paywall and access these features without paying for them by reverse engineering the software to discover the underlying technology and exploit it for their own gain. There is a growing concern that a market for illegally activating these services will come up more and more in the future, and manufacturers must take steps to protect themselves from these potential threats.

The increasing number of connected devices is driving attacks

The problem of protecting paid features in cars is becoming increasingly pressing as manufacturers seek new ways to monetise their products. Attackers may attempt to gain access to a car’s internal network through various means, such as exploiting vulnerabilities in the software or using physical devices to bypass security measures. Once access is gained, attackers can then reverse engineer the software to uncover the underlying technology and use it to circumvent the paid features for their own benefit or distribution to others. This not only results in financial losses for the manufacturer, but also undermines their competitive advantage. Additionally, attackers may try to steal sensitive information such as sensor data, mapping data, or even control algorithms that can be used to replicate or disrupt the autonomous driving capabilities. Furthermore, these types of attacks can also put the passengers and other road users at risk by compromising the safety and integrity of the vehicle.

Securing IP and protecting against exploitation attacks

Protecting paid features in cars from unauthorised access is a complex task. Cryptographic implementations are usually just the beginning and can often be circumvented by bugs inserted around it. Thus, additional measures are necessary such as obfuscation and exploit mitigation. However, these techniques can be difficult to implement on embedded systems due to the limited space and resources available. Furthermore, cars often require real-time processing, which can be incompatible with obfuscation. Designing robust obfuscation also requires specialized expertise, which most manufacturers may not have in-house and can take years to build. Additionally, manufacturers are often hesitant to share their valuable source code with third parties. Overall, protecting paid features in cars requires a thorough understanding of the technical and logistical challenges involved.

Emproof Nyx saves time, money and resources

Emproof Nyx can help overcome these challenges by providing a robust and easy-to-use software solution that is specifically designed for embedded systems. Emproof Nyx uses a combination of code obfuscation, tamper detection, and real-time exploitation prevention to protect against a wide range of attacks. It is lightweight and low-overhead, making it ideal for use in cars where real-time processing is critical. However, if necessary, Nyx is designed to be flexible, allowing run-time critical parts to remain untouched, avoiding interruption of critical functions. Additionally, it does not require access to the source code, which means vendors can protect their valuable IP without having to give it away. Furthermore, we are in the final stages of obtaining a functional safety certificate (ISO 26262 certification), which is essential for the automotive industry and provides another competitive advantage over other solutions on the market. Overall, Emproof Nyx offers a simple and effective solution for protecting paid features in cars, and can help manufacturers secure their revenue streams and protect their intellectual property.

Automotive is protected with Emproof Nyx

With Emproof Nyx, manufacturers can protect their paid features and revenue streams from unauthorized access, while also safeguarding their valuable intellectual property. Additionally, Emproof Nyx can help protect passengers and other road users by preventing attackers from compromising the safety and integrity of the vehicle. As the market for subscription-based models continues to grow, it’s more important than ever for manufacturers to take steps to protect themselves from potential threats. With Emproof Nyx, they can do just that.

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