Industrial IoT

Industrial machines often have embedded automation systems that perform specific monitoring and control functions.

Embedded devices in industrial IoT

Machines can contain embedded systems, like sensors, and can be embedded systems themselves. Industrial machines often have embedded automation systems that perform specific monitoring and control functions. And that is just the start. In the future, machine connectivity will explode. The industrial internet of things (IIoT) will allow interconnected sensors, instruments, and other devices to be networked together with computers’ industrial applications, including manufacturing and energy management. This will save money and drive growth. But it’s also another multi-billion-dollar market for embedded systems – and one that needs to be protected.

36.8 bn

Industrial IoT connections by 2025

The estimated number of devices needed in a smart factory is

0.5 per m2

Protecting Industrial IoT Devices: The Challenges of Securing Smart Meters

The world of industrial IoT is rapidly growing, with smart meters being one of the most common applications. These devices are responsible for measuring and transmitting energy usage data to utilities, helping to improve efficiency and reduce costs. However, as with any connected device, smart meters are vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Where are they used

All the processes below require connected devices with embedded microcontrollers and microprocessors to operate. It is essential to deploy advanced security into these embedded devices to ensure overall protection and device reliability.

Utilities monitoring

Smart metering devices to remotely measure, control and analyse utilities consumption of IoT devices in real time.


Captures key metrics, evaluates and optimises the performance of IoT devices.


Cameras record and monitor for potential threats and can communicate with other devices to set off alarms or alert personnel.


Devices communicate via an internet connection, exchanging data, performing tasks and are embedded within electronics, software, sensors and the network.


Real-time alerts and telemetry signal vulnerability and alert personnel when machinery is about to break.


Enables companies to automate processes and reduce labour costs, as well as restrict and grant access to high-risk facilities such operating machinery.

Industrial IoT is protected with Emproof Nyx

Virtually every embedded device that runs software will benefit from the advanced security protections offered by Emproof Nyx – including protection against reverse engineering and exploitation attacks. This is especially the case in applications that handle sensitive data, are interconnected, or run critical and functional safety.

Latest insight

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