Smart Meters

Use of smart meters is rapidly growing, however, as with any connected device, they are vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Protecting industrial IoT devices: the challenges of securing smart meters

The world of industrial IoT is rapidly growing, with smart meters being one of the most common applications. These devices are responsible for measuring and transmitting energy usage data to utilities, helping to improve efficiency and reduce costs. However, as with any connected device, smart meters are vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Smart meters, smart security?

Smart meters, as part of the Internet of Things (IoT), are facing a growing number of security threats. This could be in the form of customers submitting false readings in order to save on their electricity bills, causing potential financial losses for the utility company. Additionally, these devices are connected to the cloud, which means if one of them is compromised, it could have a ripple effect on the entire infrastructure of the company. One way these attacks could be carried out is through reverse engineering the firmware and finding an exploit, allowing the attacker to gain unauthorised access to the device or manipulate its readings.

Securing IP and protecting against exploitation attacks

One of the challenges in protecting smart meters is that they are often deployed in remote locations, making it difficult to physically secure them. Additionally, these devices are typically connected to a network, which increases the potential attack surface. Another issue is that smart meters often run on older, less secure technology, which can make them more vulnerable to attacks. Smart meters also often lack the processing power and memory to run advanced security features, such as encryption or intrusion detection.

Emproof Nyx saves time, money and resources

To protect against these types of attacks and maintain the integrity of these devices, it is important to employ a multi-layered approach that includes technical expertise, regulatory compliance, and an understanding of the unique challenges of embedded industrial devices. Emproof Nyx is an effective solution in this context, offering exploit mitigation and tamper detection to protect against a wide range of attacks, while also adding an extra layer of security by protecting against reverse engineering through advanced code obfuscation. Additionally, Emproof Nyx does not require access to the source code, allowing vendors to protect their valuable IP without giving it away. It is lightweight, low-overhead, flexible and allows run-time critical parts of the smart meter to remain untouched, avoiding interruption of critical functions. Overall, Emproof Nyx offers a simple and effective solution for protecting smart meters and the financial data of the company.

Industrial IoT is protected with Emproof Nyx

The potential for hacking industrial IoT devices like smart meters through reverse engineering the firmware is a serious concern. Smart meters are critical devices that need to be highly reliable and available at all times. Emproof Nyx offers a solution to protect smart meters against these types of threats by using exploit mitigation, tamper detection, and real-time exploitation prevention. These features make it difficult for hackers to find vulnerabilities and exploit them, ensuring the safety and security of the device and preventing potential financial losses for the company.

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