Chip sizes are smaller, but as functionality grows, security is becoming more important.

The semiconductor industry is growing rapidly

At the cutting edge of the embedded systems business are semiconductors. Projected increases in semiconductor demand are staggering. It’s not just computers, servers and phones that are driving this demand anymore. It’s everything.

Sophisticated microcontrollers are required and designed to run specific tasks in an extremely efficient manner, but with very little additional overhead for security features. Consequently, any security needs to take very little resources and support multiple Instruction Set Architectures (ISA).

Chips require protection that takes up only a tiny fraction of programming or software space but that nevertheless makes attacks difficult or impossible. This enables semiconductor suppliers to ship their devices and associated SDK to product manufacturers as securely as possible.


Semiconductors sold annually


Risk posed by counterfeit semiconductors globally per year

Protecting the Bootloader: Imperative for Securing Embedded Systems

One key component of embedded systems that is often targeted by attackers is the bootloader, which is responsible for loading and executing the firmware and other software on the device. If an attacker can compromise the bootloader, they may be able to gain unauthorised access to the system, load malicious firmware, or disable additional security checks.

Why embedded security is important for semiconductors:

Semiconductors are an essential component of electronic devices, enabling advances in communications, computing, healthcare, military systems, transportation, clean energy, and countless other applications. But these systems must be secure and effective. They need to be secured against IP theft. Designed-in security isn’t always possible, but effective protection is – and Emproof can supply it. We deliver embedded security that goes into end use applications within the following sectors:


Embedded systems deal with entertainment and cruise control to suspension control, navigation and airbag systems.


Navigation and flight control systems, management and efficiency of a plane benefit from embedded systems. 



Embedded smartness is used in medical devices such as sensors, control mechanisms and home-based equipment.

Industrial IoT

Industrial machines often have embedded automation systems that perform specific monitoring and control functions.

Semiconductors are protected with Emproof Nyx

Virtually every embedded device that runs software will benefit from the advanced security protections offered by Emproof Nyx – including protection against reverse engineering and exploitation attacks. This is especially the case in applications that handle sensitive data, are interconnected, or run critical and functional safety.

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